Upcycled Kitty Beds

I was just in a resale shop the other day admiring the old craftsmanship of yesteryear’s hard-cased luggage.  It’s amazing that these simple traveling containers looked better with scrapes and dings as if to tell a story that they’ve been somewhere.  However, these trusty archival pieces would not stand a chance to the current age’s “neoprene”, “aircraft metal” , “shock absorbent wheels” , “universal zippered” , “breathable gortex” suitcases that you see flying up and down the terminals.  What is going to happen to them?  Well this crafty artist, VintageRenaissance, has brought life back to these luggage pieces in their ‘Upcycled Mid-Century Modern Pet Beds’.  Below is one of many of their retro products, if you have a craving for vintage, check out their etsy shop…..it’s definitely bookmark worthy!


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