Home for the Holidays

Our family had a wonderful week-long trip in the great state of Texas.  From fireside chats at the farm, to Christmas light tours in East Texas, we spent many hours catching up with family, friends and four-legged loved ones.  A tradition started this year was a cheese fondue on Christmas Day.  I have included a friend’s recipe (see below) that originated in the Swiss Alps, enjoy!
Cmas 2012
A new fishing deck was installed this year at the Guadalupe River front:
photo(2) An old tractor is all but forgotten at the Kimball farmstead:
photo(3) The country dogs lead the way across the ranch:
Traditional Swiss Fondue:
  • 1 clove of garlic, crushed
  • 14 oz. dry white wine  +more to drink while you are stirring
  • 14 oz. Emmental cheese, grated
  • 15 oz. Gruyere cheese, grated
  • 2 teaspoons corn starch
  • 3 Tablespoons Kirsch schnapps
  • freshly ground pepper and nutmeg
Rub the inside of a heat-proof casserole with the crushed garlic clove.  Add the white wine and warm on the top of the stove.
Make sure the wine is warm before you add all the grated cheese. Then bring the wine/cheese mix to just under the boiling point over medium heat and mixture is smooth.
Add the kirsch to the corn starch, stirring until smooth.  Add to the fondue mixture.  Stir fondue until smooth and starts to thicken.  Season with freshly ground pepper and nutmeg.  Remove from stove and set over sterno at the table.
Serve with cubes of crusty rye bread (cube earlier in the day to harden slightly), cubed or sliced apples, steamed(but still crunchy) asparagus, broccoli or other veggies, and boiled new potatoes.  NOTES:  If using bagged cheese, make sure it's only cheese and no other ingredients.  
Use a wooden spoon to stir.  And remember to cover the sterno to extinguish - don't blow on it.
RULES:  If you lose your bread in the fondue, you owe the person on your right a kiss...so be careful where you sit!
Leave a thin layer of Fondue at the bottom of the pot.  By carefully adjusting the heat, this layer will form into a crust known as "la religieuse" (the religious one).
Lift it out and distribute among the diners.  It's considered a delicacy.  And lastly, have fun!


KitchStitch is Fantabulously Featured!

I am thrilled to be featured today by a blogger that shares an affinity of all things handmade.  Check out her Monday’s Etsy posting, highlighting yours truly:  http://fantabulouslyfrugal.com/2012/11/kitchstitch-etsy-giveaway/

KS bird owl purse


Goodbye Miss Fall, Hello Mr. Winter....

It has been a busy fall with visits from friends and family (including my beautiful niece), travels to the great state of Texas, last few fall hikes and also filling the shop with new pieces. Stay tuned for new trends around the shop for the holidays.


Christmas Comes Early

Not sure where to start with the holiday shopping this year?  Check out the latest trends on Etsy:


Hand Screenprinted cards by One Lantern


Personalized Christmas stockings by Stitchery 33


Christmas elves bookmarks by myBOOKmark


Sew Sunny

It’s been a busy summer around the shop for birthdays and new babies.  I just wanted to share a few of them as they have (finally ) been gifted to their owners.  I never get tired of Ms. Amy Butler….her fabrics are used for a few of these and continue to upstage the bag design.

photo IMG_0357 IMG_0361



Some Call It Crossroads, I Call It a Junction

After 3 decades I finally made it back to my old stomping grounds to Grand Junction and the Grande Mesa in western Colorado. I celebrated 7 wonderful years of marriage with my sweet husband, and wondered where all the time went. But I also had the blessed opportunity to take my father's ashes back to the Mesa where he spent many days hunting, camping, and teaching his family life lessons in the great outdoors. I truly get the meaning of God's country. These snapshots do not do the justice of the tranquil vistas, pine scented air, soft crickets at dusk, touch of cool basalt lake water, smell of firewood, and also the enormous scale of this forest. The winds atop the cool Mesa carried him away and he will forever be amongst the nature and wildlife he cherished so much. Simply beautiful, I will be back.


Nice to Pleat You

I had a lot of fun digging into my summer fabrics this Memorial Day Weekend. Three new handbags will hit the shop this week, with a new A-line shape and pleats to boot. I am having a hard time not taking one for myself....there's always next weekend.


Getting Ready for Summer BBQ

Grass is green, flowers are blooming, and the invites are out for the summer bbq’s and picnics.  I thought I would share a few new favorites that I tote along to the festivities….


This is a fantastic recipe (from Macheesmo blog) that my brother shared with me that is good year round.  It’s delicious & easy to make.  If you are one of those sweet tooth’s that likes a little salty mixed in, this one is a must try. 


Yield: Serves 8-10.

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 5 hours


40 Saltine crackers (one sleeve about)
1 Cup salted butter (don't substitute)
1 Cup brown sugar
1 12 ounce package of chocolate chips
5-6 Heath bars, crunched up for topping

Take your largest sheet or baking tray (make sure it is rimmed) and line it with foil. Then toss down your crackers. Make sure that they don’t overlap. That’s pretty much the only rule. The crackers should fill up the baking sheet perfectly. If you have a smaller baking sheet, then you will obviously need less crackers.

Now the only actual hard part in the whole recipe and it isn’t that hard: making the caramel. Just melt your butter in a saucepan and then stir in your brown sugar. Once it starts bubbling, turn the heat to medium-low and simmer for 3 minutes. Stir continuously or it might burn.

Next, stick your baking sheet in the oven at 325 degrees for 5-10 minutes. The original recipe called for 5 minutes, but mine took 10. Basically, you want the caramel to spread out nicely over the crackers. It should bubble a bit.

When you take it out of the oven, pour your chocolate chips on the tray right away. The residual heat from the oven will be more than enough to melt the chocolate. Let it sit for 5 minutes to melt.

You can use those 5 minutes while the chocolate melts to crumble up your Heath bars. Again, don’t worry about making them even or anything. Part of the charm of this dish is the random sizes of everything.

After 5 minutes, use a spatula to spread out your chocolate and make the chips flat. Then sprinkle on your Heath pieces.

Then just stick this whole thing in your freezer! You have to make sure you give this stuff time to freeze solid. I let mine sit for about 4 hours in there and that was more than enough time.

Then take it out and if your brickle is rock hard, flip it over and peel of the foil which should come off in one full sheet!  Then just bust the stuff up!

The Arnold Palmer


1/2 glass of ice tea and fill the rest of the glass with fresh lemonade.

As you can see it’s not terribly complicated. Get yourself a mason jar, fill it with ice, a squeeze of fresh lemon or some torn mint leaves to garnish and it’s ready to serve.

Jalepenos Wrapped in Bacon

Why not bring the heat in the middle of the hot summer?  This recipe is a summer favorite that I like to bring to represent my roots….jalepenos + bacon = southern.  If your eyes are watering thinking about it, you can always go with the red pepper for it’s sweet finish.  If your mouth is watering, continue with the green…it offsets the juicy bacon famously!



  • 25 fresh jalapeno peppers (red/sweet or green/hot)
  • 14 -16 ounces cream cheese
  • 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • 2 (16 ounce) packages bacon
  • 1 small jar of pimentos
  • 1 – 4 oz. can of diced olives


  1. Cut stems off of peppers and cut them all in half longways.

  2. Remove seeds from peppers.

  3. Mix cream cheese, shredded cheese, pimentose & olives in a bowl.  Then fill each pepper with filling.

  4. Wrap 1/2 slice of bacon around each pepper half.

  5. Pierce each pepper with a toothpick down the center.

  6. Place each pepper on the grill until bacon is cooked. 

  7. Cool then enjoy!  Keep those Arnold Palmers handy!


Beautiful Spring Colors

2012 Spring

Spring has sprung and I have been busy in the shop for the new line of pillows, jakoozies and bags for this year.  Stop by the etsy shop soon to see the new creations!


Message in a Bag

I created my first messenger bag from an Amy Butler pattern that I could not resist.  It is complete with three zippered pockets, plenty of spacious room for a laptop and magnetic closer.  In addition to the messenger, I have revised my e-reader sleeves to include additional pockets for chargers and headphones.  All items will hit the KitchStitch shop this spring and summer.

2011 December


Spring Bags Hit the Shop

As our plane touched down from our Christmas trip to Texas, I turned on my phone and received a message from my Etsy shop that I had an order for 6 bags.  The shop is off to a good start for the New Year!  I worked with my new client to select fabrics in blues and greens (as mentioned in a previous post) and she landed on a series, Modern Meadows by Joel Dewberry.  I enjoyed seeing these come together, and hope that their owners love them as much as I do. 





What’s in a Headboard

I really didn’t think I’d be pulling out the paint bucket and tools this early in the year.  However, our sad pale blue colorway that once went with our old office did not work for a repurposed guest room, and we were short one headboard.  So, the KitchStitch crew got busy with painting and creating a custom headboard to set the palette.  I’ve seen it time and time again on do-it-yourself shows on how to make your own headboard and it really was that easy.  We picked up OSB board, a french cleat, 1” foam, staple gun and my favorite place to shop for canvas grade material…..IKEA, and got to work.  We wrapped the board with foam and the canvas material and stapled away.  Recently Updated3

I am very excited to start my second project of 2012, and that is an order of 6 bags in one of my favorite designer’s (Joel Dewberry) series, Modern Meadow.  I will update once they are in production, but I’m thrilled about this combination and can’t wait to get started:

Opt C - Modern Meadow