Books for the Summertime

July is just a few days away and I still have not put any books behind me this summer.  I guess it’s hard with these long days, keeping the garden going, bbq’s and many projects under way, but I just put my order in on some used books that are quick reads for this summer’s entertainment.

1.) Big Fish by Daniel Wallace – I just watched Tim Burton’s film version the other night, and I truly love this story of father and son.  I can’t help but compare this tall-tale-character to my own Dad.  He has since passed, but he certainly lives on through the many life lessons, philosophies, folk tales & opinions that he shared with us kids.  Many of these teachings were done on camping trips, long family car rides, at his work bench or at the the dinner table.  I plan on this read being a tear jerker, but none the less aid in some reflection time of my family.7f04e03ae7a0dd72d2a8f110.L

2.) Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll – again stemming off the aforementioned Tim Burton (do you see a reoccurring theme with me??) and getting ready for his next movie….I thought I would go back to an old childhood favorite.  I never read the original novels, but I think I played the Disney movie on VHS until I broke the tape.  I thought that these volumes would be a nice whimsical read for the summer.

3.) Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination by Neil Gabler – having just traveled to Disneyland for the first time with my husband this past June, I was so curious on the production and history of the theme park….and not just that but what was involved in the makings of it’s creator?  I fully understand today’s view of Disney and it’s over sensitized marketing efforts to our children.  BUT, what was Disney in the beginning and how did this giant evolve to what it is today?  Amazon’s interview with the author captivated me and I hope the book lives up to my expectations.


New Summertime Totes

Okay I promise not to just keep posting totes on my blog.  But I had to get these two out of my system.  They are the same style as the travel totes with the excessive pockets but WAY more fun fabric.  I am trying a little experiment to see how the floral fabric does in the shop.  I have leaned more towards the modern patterns in the past and I’m afraid that is only aiming at the small population.  We will photograph these and post them in the shop tomorrow…we’ll see how they do, but here’s a sneak peak.

IMG_8518 IMG_8529 IMG_8525 IMG_8526


Inspirations from So-Cal

After a week of sun on my face, sand between my toes, beautiful landscape, incredible mexican food, fresh sushi, perfect weather and great company with family….it was hard to board the plane and come back to reality.  Needless to say our trip to southern California was superb, and I would HIGHLY recommend it to those who have not ventured to the west coast (like myself). 


I’m assuming as you travel north to Santa Monica and LA the fashion is ever-changing by the second and designers are scraping to invent themselves, but towards the south I found the couture to be relaxed, italian-spainish fused (but not pretentious), with an additional beach front flair.  I found it fascinating.  It was interesting how electric some of the styles are compared to the very subdued backgrounds of greys, blues and greens. 

IMG_8792 IMG_8824

We were able to catch a couple of sunsets which were absolutely amazing.  It was “June Gloom” with alot of moisture in the air, which you can see in the above pic, but the sun dropped out of the clouds for just about 5 minutes to die into the waves, incredible.

IMG_8979 The landscaping left me speechless, wherever you turn was another beautiful creation.  I noticed species have been pulled into this climate from other parts of the U.S., even world. 

IMG_9064 IMG_9067IMG_9057IMG_9016


Finally coffee & beer koozies for the male-folk

men koozies

I know you’re thinking finally…..a koozie for a beer.  Wait, what?  Didn’t koozies start with the beer?  That’s right, KitchStitch has come full circle with camo-clad koozies for coffee for the trendy, and beer bottles for the bbq’s.  Now I personally have my fair share of camouflage, so these are definitely not gender specific.  But, these styles are simplified, button-free and in a male-friendly fabric.

New Netbook – Asus Eee 1000ha

I recently splurged on my very first laptop, well it’s technically at netbook due to the size and capability, but now I can transport my blogging, emailing, etsy shop management, & of course chatting with ease.  I haven’t quite excepted the whole iphone craze, even though every time someone shows me a new app. I’m just amazed, but I’m not ready to be THAT connected.  So I thought this would be a good medium, not an iphone, not a laptop but something juuuuust right.  It’s super light weight, only 10”w x 7”d and it has done everything I have told it to do.  Now I can be connected when I want to…..here’s a few pics with morning coffee, the birds & kit-kats.

Asus Netbook


Upcycled Kitty Beds

I was just in a resale shop the other day admiring the old craftsmanship of yesteryear’s hard-cased luggage.  It’s amazing that these simple traveling containers looked better with scrapes and dings as if to tell a story that they’ve been somewhere.  However, these trusty archival pieces would not stand a chance to the current age’s “neoprene”, “aircraft metal” , “shock absorbent wheels” , “universal zippered” , “breathable gortex” suitcases that you see flying up and down the terminals.  What is going to happen to them?  Well this crafty artist, VintageRenaissance, has brought life back to these luggage pieces in their ‘Upcycled Mid-Century Modern Pet Beds’.  Below is one of many of their retro products, if you have a craving for vintage, check out their etsy shop…..it’s definitely bookmark worthy!