April Showers Bring…..

Pico some flowers. I cannot seem to pull him away from the windows on the weekend. The rain makes the leaves dance and squirrels scurry, while Pico watches and probably dreams of being in charge of his own jungle. IMG_8316


Mama Needs a New…..Tote!

My mom’s tote is finally ready, but there’s no way I’m letting the cat outta the bag (on the blog that is) until she sees it for her own eyes.  Curious?  Here are a few teaser shots:


IMG_8319IMG_8313     IMG_8321IMG_8310


Testing - Windows Live Writer

Azure Yawnso we just downloaded a new program from windows called “live writer”.  apparently it makes blogging easier, so this is a test to see how it works!  it’s set up kinda like ms word, and you can do different things like styles for your photos etc. (notice the rounded corners?)


anyway, just checking it out!  if you’re interested here’s a link for more info…

and here’s a few more cool photo options!

drop shadowIMG_3426 instant photoIMG_3427
photo paperIMG_3425 reflectionIMG_3428


Wine Not?

I had some left over fabric that was not big enough for pillows or large totes, so I put them to good use for wine totes.



I thought this preview was appropriate for the blog. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD, I wonder if that version will be 3D also (?). If you haven't seen it, and you love creative/dark movies...put this on the netflix list.

To take it even further, I think the set design is AMAZING. Grass is always greener, but I think it would be so fascinating to work on models & sets all day.

For an interesting article on the stop motion production check this link out: cgsociety

While waiting on my car in the shop.....

I doodled up some more sketches. And if the motherly types out there are wondering what was wrong with the car, it was a minor fix to the rotary on one of the wheels (with some more mechanical-mumbo jargon thrown in).

I am simplifying the tote idea for my friend that is getting married this summer and needs bridesmaid's gifts. Being in the bridal party several times myself (and a bride), bags and totes lend themselves as the perfect gift. Not only are they fashionable, but practical to haul around those change of shoes, hair pins, band-aids, and yes, I've seen it on the wedding day....duct tape.

I'm also toying around with an idea of a label to sew into the seams of my totes, pillows, etc. I have seen or sketched anything that I like so far.....it'll come to me.


New Totes!

Well a long weekend of hard work has paid off.... I was able to finish 4 new large tote bags, which will be added to the Etsy shop soon! I'm really happy how these turned out...the fabrics are all so unique and so fun. The bag design is pretty good, if I do say so myself, with an inside pocket, and deep pockets on the front and back of the bag... and some extra long straps which should make these easy to load up and carry. These will be great to carry stuff for spring & summer trips!

Here's a look at the 4... coming very soon to a KitchStitch Etsy shop near you!

Feel free to leave me comments on what you think about the bags...and of course which ones are your favorites! :)

Oh and guess what?....the sun finally came out today, beginning to melt all the snow, and making for a very nice afternoon. Not a bad way to wind down the weekend. ;)


KitchStitch Business Cards are Here

My marketing director (husband) made me some business cards.....so I feel official now. We debated putting a color on the front and back but decided to keep it simple. Now I just need to make a business card holder......


Snow Day - Part II

Yet another spring storm...and it just so happened to fall on my day off for the week. Sew what did I do? Created a tote! Time for movies, hazelnut coffee and sewing. The exterior has 6 pockets divided by the tote handles. I made the handles a little long, because that's how I like my totes to hang from my shoulder (hoping the masses agree). I really like the Alexander Henry fabrics because they're printed on thick canvas and I don't have to line them. I went ahead and lined the main interior fabric with a firm canvas on this tote for stability. Of course I completed the bottom with a box pleat and voila, a tote for the market!
I just received some fabrics today for my number one fan, my Mom. It's actually with this same pattern, but in a brown colorway. I plan to make her a tote with a coordinating checkered lining. If I know her, she's a pocket kinda gal, so I plan to max out her tote with the most convenient of storage capabilities. I'm hoping she likes it enough to sport at our next family reunion this summer ;) I'll need to make a jakoozie to match for her java outings as well. Can't wait to start, hoping for another snow day tomorrow to keep me at my machine.

Here's the palette:


New Fabric!!

This past weekend I visited my brother in San Diego and of course I made him swing by IKEA since there is not one close to me. I snatched some fabric on good deals, and I really like their modern, whimsical style and the thick canvas that they are printed on. I'm thinking I'll have more bags & pillows in the works. I also sketched some ideas on the plane, nothing really original here since I was influenced by the traveling bags that I saw in the airport......