While waiting on my car in the shop.....

I doodled up some more sketches. And if the motherly types out there are wondering what was wrong with the car, it was a minor fix to the rotary on one of the wheels (with some more mechanical-mumbo jargon thrown in).

I am simplifying the tote idea for my friend that is getting married this summer and needs bridesmaid's gifts. Being in the bridal party several times myself (and a bride), bags and totes lend themselves as the perfect gift. Not only are they fashionable, but practical to haul around those change of shoes, hair pins, band-aids, and yes, I've seen it on the wedding day....duct tape.

I'm also toying around with an idea of a label to sew into the seams of my totes, pillows, etc. I have seen or sketched anything that I like so far.....it'll come to me.

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