Spook-tacularly Handmade

Here are some fantastic finds to get you in the festive mood of one of my favorite holidays of the year……Halloween!  From Ouija rings to black sugar for those spooky drinks here are a few of my favorite seasonal shops in order: Photography by GBrousseau, Creations by Sara Jane, Bella Morta Jewelry, Dell Cove Spices, and Thumbelina Workshop.


I came across this artist that has mastered pen & ink sketching…and could not have put it better myself:


Created by:  Rebecca Artemisa

On the theme of bats, cats and witch’s brooms, I have a new addition to my studio:

Picture 2546

He is my 3 month, black tabby, Persian named: Kevin.  No empty spool or scrap piece of fabric goes un-batted and un-loved by this little guy.  He is my hardest worker…..stay tuned for more pics from little Kev-Bev.