Spring Bags Hit the Shop

As our plane touched down from our Christmas trip to Texas, I turned on my phone and received a message from my Etsy shop that I had an order for 6 bags.  The shop is off to a good start for the New Year!  I worked with my new client to select fabrics in blues and greens (as mentioned in a previous post) and she landed on a series, Modern Meadows by Joel Dewberry.  I enjoyed seeing these come together, and hope that their owners love them as much as I do. 





What’s in a Headboard

I really didn’t think I’d be pulling out the paint bucket and tools this early in the year.  However, our sad pale blue colorway that once went with our old office did not work for a repurposed guest room, and we were short one headboard.  So, the KitchStitch crew got busy with painting and creating a custom headboard to set the palette.  I’ve seen it time and time again on do-it-yourself shows on how to make your own headboard and it really was that easy.  We picked up OSB board, a french cleat, 1” foam, staple gun and my favorite place to shop for canvas grade material…..IKEA, and got to work.  We wrapped the board with foam and the canvas material and stapled away.  Recently Updated3

I am very excited to start my second project of 2012, and that is an order of 6 bags in one of my favorite designer’s (Joel Dewberry) series, Modern Meadow.  I will update once they are in production, but I’m thrilled about this combination and can’t wait to get started:

Opt C - Modern Meadow