City Tote

The surprise is out.....the new fabrics went to some city totes. They have two inside pockets w/a box pleat bottom. These two exterior fabrics worked out well, and I have more in the works now that I've worked out the kinks (maybe country/market totes?). More pics to come in the etsy shop.

Wine to go

I've been playing with the idea now for a few weeks for a wine tote. There must be some way to help your wine travel in style to summer picnics, lakehouse reunions or dinner with friends. I debated over cylindrical or boxy, and I went with a little of both with a boxed pleat bottom.

For convenience, I added a pocket lined w/fusible interfacing to house multiple sizes of wine openers. I prefer a cork pop (http://www.corkpops.com/) which is handy for any amateur wine opener, like myself. Anyway, I thought this would be a fun addition to the shop for personal use or even as a gift.


Stay Tuned!

I've picked up a number of great new fabrics, and am currently busy working away on some new items in the studio... expect to see a few NEW things (that aren't pillows, scarves, or jakoozies!) added to my shop very soon, with great colors and great patterns... here's a sneak peek of a few I'm using now!



I had a snow day today, with a spring storm dumping 15" of snow. I wasn't the only one enjoying the day off, Pico & Azure just cuddled by the back door to catch some rays.


Diaper Bag

My friend just delivered her second baby, so I thought there's no better time than now to make her a hip diaper bag for a hip & trendy mom. The outside is an Amy Butler fabric and I had some extra stripe fabric with coordinating colors for the interior. I didn't feel comfortable creating on my own design (yet) so I used Amy's 'Nappy Bag' pattern for the style of bag. I found it was easy to follow and took one sunny afternoon in the studio.

Here's the interior, complete with 6 side pockets for diapers & such, and 2 end pockets for bottles. All fabric was pre-washed so momma just has to throw it in the washer when time for cleaning. There's even a cell phone pocket on the arm for easy access for when dad's calling to find their where-abouts.


KitchStitch Pub!

The KitchStitch shop has recently been featured in several blogs, an Etsy treasury, and even the Etsy website front page! I'm very grateful for being noticed by all of these nice people, and really appreciate those who have checked out my shop (and of course all the free "PUB"!)

Here are a few looks at the online spots my shop has been featured so far....

First, a blog called "Stylish Handmade" featured KitchStitch as their "Stylish New Shop of the Week"! You can check out the writeup and a few photos of three of my pillows here: http://stylishhandmade.com/?p=133

Also, a fellow Etsy-er, Chloe & Boo, mentioned my shop and my JaKoozies in her blog here: http://chloeandboo.blogspot.com/2009/03/fun-evening-of-etsy.html She also has a really neat Etsy shop... called "Chloe & Boo", of course, and a portion of her sales go to a local animal shelter... awesome! Chloe & Boo's shop is here: http://www.ChloeAndBoo.etsy.com

Today, I received a message that I had been chosen to be a part of an Etsy "Treasury"...which, in the Etsy world, is basically a featured group of 9 items from different shops that the Treasury maker likes enough to group together for others to check out... or something like that. The Treasury I was listed in is called "Orange Flavored Zebra", and is located here: http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=46616 Thanks a lot, FiberFancy!

And finally... who woulda thought, but a couple of items in the KitchStitch shop actually made it to the FRONT PAGE of Etsy's website in the past few weeks! I found these by doing a Google search for my shop name, and was happily surprised to find out the news that I'd made it TWICE!!! Here is a look at the first one, from 02/09/09: http://www.flickr.com/photos/28488923@N05/3267594908/ and here is the second front page appearance: http://www.flickr.com/photos/28488923@N05/3293947415/ No wonder those pillows have SO many views!

Thanks to all for noticing my little shop, and for all the free publicity! :)


Coming Soon!

Here's a sneak peek at some fabrics I picked up this weekend. Watch for these in upcoming creations, coming soon to the KitchStitch Etsy shop! :)

Also here are a few new fabrics I just got for a new batch of JaKoozies... aren't the colors awesome?!

Oh and Happy St. Patty's Day!


Here's my studio.....I mostly work in here on nights and weekends. The studio is west facing so I have great light in the afternoons, which is usually a great time for photographing. Can you see my helper on the table? She's keeping a close eye on the fuzzy critters that get kicked around the studio.

Lets get this thing started....

An empty blog is an empty mind.....welcome to the KitchStitch blog. Hopefully I can keep your interests along the journey of updates and latest news around the shop.

I've recently fallen back into sewing due to a slow economy and reduced hours at my main source of income. But I feel as though the silver lining is that I (as well as many others) will find resourceful ways to prevail .....or at least have fun doing it!