Spring has Sprung in the KitchStitch Studio

The transformation is complete!!  With new paint, trim, a hard clean and brand new table, the new studio is ready for spring orders.  I made the table from the Target closet organization collection (end caps), and the top is out of MDF from Home Depot…..nothing fancy but exactly the spread out space that I need.  It’s also at stand-up height (36”h), but I also have an IKEA barstool for the intense, pattern tracing moments.  On the back wall I installed a peg board to hold thread, bobbins, ribbon, scissors, and all my little knick knacks.  I brought our outdoor chairs in (Pier 1), so on a cool spring morning we can open up our french doors and enjoy some coffee and conversation, but my little Azure gets first pick on the chairs.






I’ve already started a few cushion and pillow projects to break in the new space.  The cushion is for my sis-in-law’s bedroom bench at the foot of her bed.  She picked the fabric (I love the bold, large pattern) and I accompanied it with a small geometric, silk blend for the backing.  I’ll be able to make plenty of throw pillows with the left overs for the bed.


IMG_0535 IMG_0537