New Totes!

Well a long weekend of hard work has paid off.... I was able to finish 4 new large tote bags, which will be added to the Etsy shop soon! I'm really happy how these turned out...the fabrics are all so unique and so fun. The bag design is pretty good, if I do say so myself, with an inside pocket, and deep pockets on the front and back of the bag... and some extra long straps which should make these easy to load up and carry. These will be great to carry stuff for spring & summer trips!

Here's a look at the 4... coming very soon to a KitchStitch Etsy shop near you!

Feel free to leave me comments on what you think about the bags...and of course which ones are your favorites! :)

Oh and guess what?....the sun finally came out today, beginning to melt all the snow, and making for a very nice afternoon. Not a bad way to wind down the weekend. ;)


  1. lovely fabrics! your totes look lovely. and that's a wonderful photo to finish your post - really encapsulates that sunday afternoon feeling :)

  2. beautiful bags - i can't wait to see them up on etsy :)

  3. Thank you all for the positive responses. I will keep truckin' this weekend with the same pattern and a few different twists. I found some great hardware to accessorize the straps, so I have some adjustments to make.

    Thanks, again!!