Inspirations from So-Cal

After a week of sun on my face, sand between my toes, beautiful landscape, incredible mexican food, fresh sushi, perfect weather and great company with family….it was hard to board the plane and come back to reality.  Needless to say our trip to southern California was superb, and I would HIGHLY recommend it to those who have not ventured to the west coast (like myself). 


I’m assuming as you travel north to Santa Monica and LA the fashion is ever-changing by the second and designers are scraping to invent themselves, but towards the south I found the couture to be relaxed, italian-spainish fused (but not pretentious), with an additional beach front flair.  I found it fascinating.  It was interesting how electric some of the styles are compared to the very subdued backgrounds of greys, blues and greens. 

IMG_8792 IMG_8824

We were able to catch a couple of sunsets which were absolutely amazing.  It was “June Gloom” with alot of moisture in the air, which you can see in the above pic, but the sun dropped out of the clouds for just about 5 minutes to die into the waves, incredible.

IMG_8979 The landscaping left me speechless, wherever you turn was another beautiful creation.  I noticed species have been pulled into this climate from other parts of the U.S., even world. 

IMG_9064 IMG_9067IMG_9057IMG_9016

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