New Netbook – Asus Eee 1000ha

I recently splurged on my very first laptop, well it’s technically at netbook due to the size and capability, but now I can transport my blogging, emailing, etsy shop management, & of course chatting with ease.  I haven’t quite excepted the whole iphone craze, even though every time someone shows me a new app. I’m just amazed, but I’m not ready to be THAT connected.  So I thought this would be a good medium, not an iphone, not a laptop but something juuuuust right.  It’s super light weight, only 10”w x 7”d and it has done everything I have told it to do.  Now I can be connected when I want to…..here’s a few pics with morning coffee, the birds & kit-kats.

Asus Netbook

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