KitchStitch meets the Big Apple

After moping and complaining of never going anywhere….my sweet husband surprised me in September with 2 tickets to NYC.  I was ecstatic!  I had never been to The City.  We spent a solid month of planning, and also trying to account for non-planned events as well…which can sometimes be the most fun.  Our dear friend joined us in the adventure from Dallas, and both my husband and I had friends in Brooklyn, who joined us for a few events. 

NYC 2011-1 We hit up Rockefeller Center for an NBC tour, and to our surprise the Christmas tree arrived that same morning and workers were busy separating all the limbs and “fluffing” the tree after it was set in place.  We also toured the ‘Top of the Rock’ for incredible views of Manhattan.  To see the island in person was so breathtaking.  To other travel goers I would highly recommend Top of the Rock or Empire State Building observation deck tours at the beginning of your trip, if you are like me and need to get your bearings at the beginning of the trip.  You can then gain perspective on the whereabouts of the different districts and park, to assist in navigation, 

NYC 2011-2

although having a ‘local’ with us was most beneficial for the subway system.  I had been on many trains and subways in Europe, but none so intricate than this system.  Some stations were so weathered and aged that they had true stalactites hanging from the ceiling.  The subways also lends to a people watching haven (which I could do for hours). 

Ah, Central Park.  We spent most of our day just walking and only saw about half of the park.  There were many artists and musicians tucked away off the main paths, spending their weekend showing their work or practicing their latest ballads.  After, our trek we headed over to the Guggenheim for a quick tour of the lobby and gift shop.  NYC 2011-3

Fashion District & Times Square

NYC 2011-4

The summation of the trip; when will I be back?  It is definitely a city that every American needs to visit…..at least once.

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