Where Did You Get That Field Verification Belt?

A what?  So, this creation probably does not mean a whole lot for those outside the architectural and design industry….but I have finally created a belt for field verification!  I was at a job site the other day fumbling around and switching back and forth between the measuring tape, camera, red/black pens….well, it’s time to get organized architects and designers, and keep everything at your fingertips.  I think I’m borderline nerdy/handy, but who cares when your audience is the contractor (no offense, contractors….not that you would be reading a sewing blog anyway).  I kept it simple, using a low key canvas fabric.  I created pouches for pens & small scale, slim-line camera or smart phone, and of course a 25’ measuring tape.  Grab your clip board and you’re set to go verify in the field! 



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  1. This is so HOT! Finally! A smart designer answers the call to the field verify world!