Hugs & Kisses

Ahhh the holiday is just around the corner that is dreaded by the majority of male-folk and the basis of survival for most florists…..Valentine’s.  I was never one to get too involved or set certain expectations for V-day.  Maybe that stems back to grade school when the girls spent hours on their Valentine cards (or at least I did) pairing the perfect “quote” to the perfect person, then at the end of the day when I opened my box….I was always disappointed in the selection that was returned.  However, should this holiday make us stop and realize the loves that we have in our lives, shown in the most simplistic form, then it has served it’s purpose.  But should you still need inspiration, I found some great treats on etsy to make the perfect handmade package, enjoy:

Starting off with origami flowers by PoshMishMosh


Don’t forget the jewelry, typewriter key earrings by Haute Keys and handmade clay rose ring by Made With Clay & Love.

earrings rose ring 

To top things off, these truffles are to DIE for and hard to resist, made by a little bakery in Milwaukee, L’Oven Bakery.


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