Hello 2010, Time for a Facelift

After shelling out many hours for Christmas orders last fall, I’ve decided that it’s time to give my studio a facelift for a new start to the year.  So, I started pulling inspiring photos of other studios that I would like to take parts and pieces from.  Once I get the renovation underway I will post the before/after shots.


472702806_3c313480d7 100208_gqpottery

I have always loved this style of craft table from Pottery Barn.  It’s clean, open and the right height to stand and create or sit and think.  It’s construction is fairly easy, and even the cleanable white laminate would work well for my varied projects.

mla103021_0607_contrast_l I like this photo for the color palette and style.  The pockets of orange accents works well with the white furniture pieces.  I am not too keen on the baby blue for my studio, but works well in this setting nonetheless.

011009_kari1 I like the way the creator of this table uses fabric for a splash of fun and yet this table also allows for concealed storage to put messes away.  Still a very clean and fun look.

p_SIP924938 If I was limited on space this would be a likely option, but since I have the whole sunroom to myself I can be a bit more open.  This armoire workspace would also be better for the more organized crafter, where as I like to spread out and create havoc.  Actually looking at how neat this space is organized even stresses me a little.

our-studio-03-450x337Here’s another example of a closed craft table with open shelving for fabric.  Very neat, clean and accessible…..dig it.

IMG_2938  IMG_2943

And here’s my studio, so I have my work cut out for me.  It’s not quite sure what it is right now, but I love that it’s so wide open.  I just need to designate a few areas for KitchStitch and kick the picnic table outside for the spring.  Stay tuned…...

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