Out of the studio & into the garden…..

It’s that time of year again, I have been out of the studio and in the backyard taking advantage of the cool spring time weather. We bought a couple of lawn chairs online and thought to give them more personality then just “white”. Our deck is a dark cherry stain, and we thought this avocado green would accent them nicely. They needed two coats of grey primer & two coats of finish paint….so this has been an all weekend process. I also have some solid plum fabric for accent pillows that will bring out the new flower colors in the garden. IMG_8430IMG_8415

I have started up the garden bed again, including tomato, basil & pepper plants. If this summer turns into a scorcher I will need to rig some sort of shade structure above them. We also adopted two large aloe vera plants to accessorize our patio with. Hopefully we’ll be able to wrap up a few of these projects today, so I can play in the studio next weekend.

Plant Collage

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